Indonesian Cure to the Common Cold

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Kamis, 28 September 2023 – 13:00 WIB

Jakarta – Indonesia has a lot of authentic things, such as for traditional treatment. Indonesian people, especially the Javanese usually do Kerokan (scraping) can treat the cold common by only requires a coin. 

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As indigenous knowledge passed down from Javanese ancestors, Kerokan has been practiced from generation to generation.

Although considered as a form of alternative therapy, Kerokan has been a significant part of medical culture in many other Asian countries with its own names and methods. 

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So, here’s the history of Kerokan that people need to learn more. 

Kerokan di leher.

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History, Origin of Kerokan

The history of kerokan can be traced back to ancient times in various parts of the world, especially in Asia. In Chinese tradition, a similar therapy is known as “gua sha,” which means “scraping.” 

This method is used to common cold in the body, which is thought to be the cause of various diseases.

In Indonesian society, “Kerokan” has long been one of the methods used to treat colds and several other health complaints. 

According to local beliefs, by scraping the back using coins or other objects with sharp edges, the wind inside the body will come out, marked by the red or purple marks on the skin.

Functions and Beliefs

Although Kerokan may seem like an unconventional practice to some modern people, many believe that it is effective in relieving soreness, improving blood circulation, and releasing the common cold in the body. 

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Scraping in the Modern World

With the development of modern medical science, some health experts have expressed doubts about the medical benefits of Kerokan. 

However, Kerokan remains popular as a form of alternative therapy, mainly due to its relaxing effects. In some other countries, such as Vietnam and Cambodia, similar practices are also known under different names and methods.

It’s important to remember that scraping, like any traditional treatment, should be practiced wisely. Individuals with certain health conditions should consult a healthcare professional before deciding to undergo scraping.

Kerokan, as a form of cultural heritage and traditional medicine, is a reflection of the way our ancestors dealt with various health complaints. 

Although controversial in modern medical circles, many people still like Kerokan as an alternative method to relieve various physical complaints and improve emotional well-being.

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This method is used to common cold in the body, which is thought to be the cause of various diseases.

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